FluHelp.org provides useful information about effective techniques for preventing and treating the flu virus. Annual flu vaccinations do not provide guaranteed protection, however there are several very effective natural anti-flu strategies you can implement immediately.
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    Latest bird flu strain ‘kills more than a third’

    Posted on: June 24, 2013 | Comments Off
    Category: Flu News Updates

    More than a third of patients infected with a new strain of bird flu died after being admitted to the hospital earlier this year, Chinese researchers report in a new study. Since the new H7N9 bird flu …

    Scientists warn against complacency on deadly H7N9 bird flu

    Posted on: June 24, 2013 | Comments Off
    Category: Flu News Updates

    By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) – A new and deadly strain of bird flu that emerged in China in February but seems to have petered out in recent months could reappear later this year when the warm season comes to an end – and could spread international…

    Severe egg allergy? There’s now a flu shot for you

    Posted on: June 20, 2013 | Comments Off
    Category: Flu News Updates

    People with serious egg allergies may no longer have to worry about flu shots. A federal advisory panel on Thursday said a new vaccine that’s made without eggs is an option for adults with severe allergies. Most current flu shots are made from viruses …

    A Simple Thing That Stops the Spread of Flu at Work

    Posted on: June 18, 2013 | Comments Off
    Category: Flu News Updates

    Giving employees paid time off when they’re sick is the best way to keep influenza, or the flu, from spreading throughout the office, new research shows.

    Older People May Be Protected From Influenza By Their Saliva

    Posted on: June 16, 2013 | Comments Off
    Category: Bird Flu / Avian Flu, Flu News Updates

    Spit. Drool. Dribble. Saliva is not normally a topic of polite conversation, but it may be the key to explaining the age and sex bias exhibited by influenza and other diseases, according to a new study. Published in ACS’ Journal of Proteome Research, i…

    Breaking The Cycle Of Transmission With Flu Vaccines Aimed At Younger Populations

    Posted on: June 14, 2013 | Comments Off
    Category: Flu / Cold / SARS, Flu News Updates

    The huge value of vaccinating more children and young adults for influenza is being seriously underestimated, experts say in a new report, while conventional wisdom and historic vaccine programs have concentrated on the elderly and those at higher risk…

    Majority Of Healthcare Personnel Accept Mandatory Flu Vaccination

    Posted on: June 11, 2013 | Comments Off
    Category: Flu / Cold / SARS, Flu News Updates

    Mandatory influenza (flu) vaccination, as a condition of employment, did not lead to excessive voluntary termination, according to a four-year analysis of vaccination rates at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, IL. Flu infections result in ap…

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